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Master of Business for Veterans

"The MBV curriculum was rigorous, challenging yet incredibly rewarding. If you are a veteran entrepreneur looking to sharpen your business skills this is certainly the program to do so with. You will leave the program better prepared to take on an entrepreneurship venture or to scale the one you might be currently working on."
Hector Cabrera, MBV 7
Senior Manager
Innovate Holdings LLC


"I matriculated with the first class of MBV back in 2013. As a real estate developer building multi family communities in LA and OC, the education I’ve received at Marshall continues to pay dividends. Specifically, I found the finance and accounting classes most valuable for the work I am doing today."
Luke Chau, MBV 1
Principal/Senior Broker
EVERCREST Development & Management

"This is not your average business master's program. This is a program that fosters community, brotherhood/sisterhood, military transition empowerment, and opportunity. Not only did I receive a top notch graduate business education from a high ranking school like USC, but I also gained one of the strongest professional networks dedicated to empowering other Trojans, program mentors with a mission to open doors for program participants and graduates."
Gilbert Saguid, MBV 7
Veterans Franchise Group

"This program was immeasurably more than I had expected. It is demanding, enlightening, inspiring, and worth every minute, and every dime. I am truly blessed to not only have found the program, been accepted, and now an alumni. This was a life changing experience that I highly recommend to any veteran who is lost in transition."
George Page, MBV 7
Senior Consultant
Innovate Holdings LLC.

"My USC Marshall MBV has gotten more valuable over time. The marketing and analytical skills that I developed there through elective classes are the foundation for my career, and I use the skills I developed case competition program on a daily basis. Without my time at USC MBV, I wouldn't have been able to go into consulting, and I definitely wouldn't have been able to transition from the military to the private sector."
Destiny Savage, MBV 3


"This is a great program - fantastic school, wonderful professors, outstanding staff, and an alumni network that is second to none. I’d been to graduate school before MBV and had a good bit of post-military job experience. This program is a level above. It is intense but thorough, demanding but a lot of fun the whole way."
Dave Foster, MBV 5
Data/Modeling Consultant
Accenture AI


"The MBV program was a game changer for me. I was trying to figure out my next step after getting out of the military and this program helped me do that. In addition to the amazing education, the networking and camaraderie are really what make this program amazing."
Amy Fitzgerald, MBV 6
Project Manager
Northrop Grumman


"The MBV program forced me to push past my comfort zone and focus on building both internal and external self-awareness. As a result, I evolved into a more confident and competent leader."
Takiesha Waites-Thierry, MBV 4
Global Intelligence and Analysis Executive
Bank of America

"I chose the USC Marshall, Master of Business for Veterans program  because of the great reputation, the first class faculty, and the values USC maintains. The MBV program builds on the leadership and your military experience and makes you competitive for today's job market."
Michael Crespo, MBV 1
Vice President of Operations
McMurray Stern

"This program provided us with the knowledge to make intelligent decisions but most importantly to know how to use the leadership we possess to create positive change in everything we do."
Laura Henderson, MBV 7
Emergency Room Charge Nurse
West Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Hospital

"Life changing. It was a big decision for me to apply to the MBV program, but it was unquestionably worth every sacrifice! Just days after graduating with my MBV, my life pivoted to a totally new and different and amazing trajectory, thanks to MBV and the USC Trojan Network. Fight On!"
Kathy Takayama, MBV 6
Adjunct Faculty, Marshall School of Business
Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
Telco Chief of Staff and Operations Officer

"My experience in the MBV program enabled me to enhance my approach to leadership and communication. The hard and soft business skills I learned provided the perspective to identify the industry I wanted to pursue a career in and gave me the self-assurance to create the path to achieve my goals."
Bob Plowey, MBV 3
Vice President
Eastdil Secured

"We are the privileged few to have successfully completed this innovative program, the first of its kind in the country."
Raymond Kim, MBV 3
Material Project Manager
The Boeing Company

"The friendships that I developed in the cohort have proven to be priceless. They have provided me with a much-needed support structure of savvy and highly motivated men and women who continue to inspire me to do better and be better. All of this is wrapped in a well-paced accelerated format, at a reasonable cost, from a top-tier institution. And the network can't be matched."
Antonio Randolph, MBV 4
Senior Operations Manager, General Electric (GE)


“As I am transitioning out of my military service into civilian life...I wanted the diversity I knew the MBV program would offer. I strongly believe that diversity is what forms opportunities...the USC network and how they make you feel like you are family."
Lawrence Fung, MBV 2
B.S., Dental Hygiene (USC) 
DDS, Dentistry (USC)
Former U.S. Navy Lieutenant


“I chose the MBV program because I liked how it recognized the value in my military skill sets and experiences, while allowing me to transfer and develop those skills in a business aspect.” 
Karen Hearn, MBV 2
B.S., Marketing (Florida International University)
U.S. Army, Sergeant (Reserves)

Entrepreneurship Experience

“The MBV program here at SC is a roll up your sleeve and get your hands dirty, entrepreneurship program." 
DesaRae Janszen, MBV 2
B.S., Government (USCG Academy) 
MBA, Telecommunications (Keller Graduate School of Management)
M.A., Communications (Hawaii Pacific University), USCG, Commander (Active-Duty)

Marshall Brand

“The MBV program absolutely assisted my in my career search upon graduation… I was recruiting with some of the biggest brands here in America and used the Marshall brand as leverage and centerpiece of my education experience… ” 
Jesse Perez, MBV 1
B.A., Political Science (UC Berkeley)
 USMC, Staff Sergeant (Veteran) 
MBV Cohort I Graduate

Grade A Professors

“Our professors are grade A and very knowledgeable about a lot of different things… some of their experience comes from industry, while some come from academia… but they have really been there and have been teaching for a really long time.” 
Jermaine Rawlings, MBV 2
B.S., Finance (Bowie State University) 
USAF, 1st Lieutenant (Veteran)