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Master of Business for Veterans (MBV)

Program Snapshot


Class Size




Who attends the Marshall MBV program?

chart pie chart bars
Prior Degrees  
Social Sciences 28
Business 32
Communications 3
Humanities 8
Health Sciences 1
Human Resources 1
Cohort 7 Branches of Service  
US Army 21
US Navy 10
US Marine Corps 40
US Air Force 20
US Coast Guard 1
Cohort 7 Current Military Status  
Active 19
Retired 10
Separated 56
Reserve 7
Cohort 7 Ethnic Composition  
African American 9.8%
Asian / Pacific Islander 19.6%
Caucasian American 33.7%
Hispanic/Latino 31.5%
Undeclared/No Response 5.4%



“As I am transitioning out of my military service into civilian life… I wanted the diversity I knew the program would offer. I strongly believe that diversity is what forms opportunities… the USC network and how they make you feel like you’re family.”

Lawrence Fung 
B.S., Dental Hygiene (USC) 
DDS, Dentistry (USC) 
U.S. Navy, Lieutenant (Active-Duty)



“I chose the MBV program because I liked how it recognized the value in my military skill sets and experiences, while allowing me to transfer and develop those skills in a business aspect.”

Karen Hearn 
B.S., Marketing (Florida International University)
U.S. Army, Sergeant (Reserves)