Marketing is an interdisciplinary field that examines the interactions of consumers and businesses in the marketplace. Academic research in marketing draws upon theories and methodology from a wide variety of fields, including psychology, sociology, mathematics, statistics, and economics. Faculty members in Marshall’s marketing department represent numerous theoretical backgrounds and substantive interests. As mentors, they encourage students to identify their own interests and develop the analytic and methodological skills to pursue their own research questions.

The department offers PhD students concentrations in two broad areas of marketing

Quantitative Marketing

This area of marketing shares theories and methodologies with economics, mathematics, and statistics. Faculty advising students in this area are experts in a variety of topics such as

  1. Applications of artificial intelligence in marketing
  2. Understanding how businesses manage social interactions
  3. The impact of digital platforms on different industries
  4. Social networks and network structures in markets
  5. Strategic pricing decisions
  6. Distribution-channel strategies
  7. Innovation and product growth
  8. Global markets

Consumer Psychology

This area of marketing shares theories and methodologies with social and cognitive psychology and behavioral economics. Faculty advising students in this area are experts in a variety of topics such as

  1. Status and luxury goods
  2. Branding and consumers’ attachments to brands
  3. Consumers’ strategies to maintain a positive self-evaluations
  4. Emotions and their effects on consumers’ valuations of products
  5. How the use of technology affects consumers’ enjoyment and memories of experiences
  6. Consumers' responses to service and product failure
  7. Budgeting and saving decisions
  8. Consumer Creativity

Developing Marketing Scholars

The aim of the PhD program in marketing at USC is to develop outstanding researchers and prepare them for productive careers in academia. During their studies, students will transition from consumers of knowledge to producers and disseminators of knowledge.

Marshall’s PhD program in marketing is highly selective. The small size of the program allows for close collaborations between students and faculty and for students to tailor their program of study to fit their background and research interests.

From the beginning of the program, students have the opportunity to engage in different research projects and receive guidance and mentorship from faculty experts. Students are strongly encouraged to develop their own research program and have the freedom to pursue their own ideas.

Faculty members are experts in their areas and are highly committed to the training and guidance of PhD students.

Faculty Coordinator

Kristin Diehl, Professor of Marketing

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