Research in marketing utilizes methods from psychology, economics, and statistics to study how consumers and businesses interact in the marketplace. Researchers delve into how customers make decisions and how organizations serve their needs.

Quantitative Marketing

  • New product design processes
  • Marketing communication
  • Distribution-channel strategies
  • Strategic-pricing decisions
  • Improving marketing effectiveness

Consumer Psychology

  • Understanding customer choices
  • The role of emotion on customer behavior
  • Analyzing brand success and predicting innovation success in technology-intensive markets
  • The internet and the marketing landscape

Dissertation Research First

The aim of the PhD program in marketing at USC is to develop top-notch researchers for productive careers in academia. Students have opportunities to engage in research from the first year and receive constant mentoring throughout their study. They are encouraged to develop their own research program and are given the freedom to pursue their own ideas. Resident faculty with international reputations provide training and guidance on the student’s dissertation research.

Faculty Coordinator

Kristin Diehl, Professor of Marketing

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