Job Market Candidates

The program maintains a supportive and collegial atmosphere that fosters collaboration between faculty members and PhD students. All students are assigned one or more faculty mentors for the duration of their studies, and faculty members are actively engaged in supervision of student research.

Job Market Candidates 2018-2019

Yuan (Bruce) Li (empirical corporate finance, financial media, labor and finance)

"Beyond Attention: The Causal Effect of Media on Information Production"


Suk Lee (asset pricing theory, behavioral finance)

"Disaster in My Heart: A Visceral Explanation for Some Asset Pricing Puzzles"


Roman Skripnik (empirical asset pricing, portfolio management)

"Mutual Fund Screening versus Weighting"


Yuan Wan (asset pricing, production-based asset pricing, empirical asset pricing)

"Workplace Organization and Asset Pricing"


Conson (Yingguang) Zhang (empirical asset pricing, behavioral finance)

"Delayed Alpha: The Term Structure of Earnings Expectations and the Cross Section of Stock Returns"


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