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The Farmers and the Fishers - Negotiate a Merger

Palau is a small island nation.

"In Palau, the environment is the economy."

In this two-part series, Business Class explores the business policies on the small island nation of Palau.

On the rise of the New Economy in China – Fan Bao – Chairman & CEO, China Renaissance

Business Class speaks with Fan Bao of Renaissance China in Shanghai, about what he terms the New Economy of China.

“This is not a trade war. It’s a tech war.’ – Jim McGregor, Chairman APCO China

Jim McGregor, the Chairman of APCO China and former Wall Street Journal Bureau Chief has been working in China since 1990.

Focus on SE Asia - Why a hot startup chose Singapore – Krish Sridhar – CEO, Know

Krish Sridhar is building a company that sees 2 billion potential users.

The Entrepreneuring of Singapore, Inc. – Paul Meyers, Asian Development Bank

Any mention of Singapore and business has to take into account the policies of the Singaporean government.

Both Beijing and D.C. wonder what the other is thinking – Kevin Rudd, Former PM Australia

In Part 2 of this Business Class conversation, we look at the backstory of the US-China Trade War.

Trade War – ‘China can concede or double down’ – Kevin Rudd, Former Australian Prime Minister – Part 1

Kevin Rudd is the former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Australia and also happens to be a China scholar.

The Devil and the Digital Transformation

Bob Zukis wants people to understand the digital transformation.