Business Class Podcasts

Climate change is a fact in Singapore - Masagos Zulkifli – Minister for Environment & Water Resources, Singapore

In this episode of Business Class, the subject is climate change and business.

Carl Voigt – Good strategy / Bad strategy

How does the Cold War inform business strategy? What truism about strategy did Lord Nelson understand to win the Battle of Trafalgar?

The Farmers and the Fishers - Negotiate a Merger

Palau is a small island nation.

"In Palau, the environment is the economy."

In this two-part series, Business Class explores the business policies on the small island nation of Palau.

On the rise of the New Economy in China – Fan Bao – Chairman & CEO, China Renaissance

Business Class speaks with Fan Bao of Renaissance China in Shanghai, about what he terms the New Economy of China.

“This is not a trade war. It’s a tech war.’ – Jim McGregor, Chairman APCO China

Jim McGregor, the Chairman of APCO China and former Wall Street Journal Bureau Chief has been working in China since 1990.

Focus on SE Asia - Why a hot startup chose Singapore – Krish Sridhar – CEO, Know

Krish Sridhar is building a company that sees 2 billion potential users.