Global EMBA - Shanghai

Schedule and Curriculum in Detail


Theme 1: The Perspective of Top Management

Introductory analysis of the issues and opportunities facing top business leaders. Academic disciplines: leadership, organizational behavior and change, macroeconomics, marketing.

May 11 - 15 (Thurs - Mon) 
Theme 1
Chen, Dai, Nunes and Patton

Theme 2: Evaluating Market Performance

In-depth analysis of how external stakeholders evaluate the performance of enterprises, and what business leaders can do to enhance the evaluations. Academic disciplines: corporate finance, public accounting, statistics.

June 25 - July 1 (Sun - Sun)
USC, Los Angeles
Theme 2A
Swartz, DeFond, Patton and Porter
Aug. 10 – 14 (Thurs – Mon)
SJTU, Shanghai
Theme 2B
DeFond and Porter

Theme 3: The General Manager as Integrator

Turning the focus to the internal drivers of business success, we analyze what managers must do to enhance internal operations, optimizing strategy and execution. Academic disciplines: managerial accounting and finance, marketing strategy, negotiation.

Sept. 21 - Sept. 25 (Thurs - Mon)
SJTU, Shanghai
Theme 3A
Dutta and Moyer
Nov. 2 - 6 (Thurs - Mon)
SJTU, Shanghai
Theme 3B
Yormark and Young

This calendar is subject to change for unusual circumstances.


Theme 4: Operations and Leadership

Two modules tightly focused on how business leaders can succeed, or fail, based on their ability to lead their organizations on information systems and operational control. Academic disciplines: information technology, managerial communications and leadership, operations/supply chain management.

Jan. 4 - 8 (Thurs - Mon)
SJTU, Shanghai
Theme 4A
Bassok and Patton
Mar. 8 - 12 (Thurs - Mon)
SJTU, Shanghai
Theme 4B
Voigt and Schumacher

Theme 5: Strategy and Marketing in the Digital Age

At our one-year milestone, we take the tools we've gained in the first year and begin to apply them to high-level strategy, as well as analysis of digitally-focused marketing strategies and solutions. Academic disciplines: corporate strategy, digital marketing.

May 10 - 14 (Thurs - Mon)
SJTU, Shanghai
Themes 5
Rindova and Weiss

Theme 6: Establishing Global Competitive Advantage

Continuing to leverage our first year's work, we now focus intensely on the essential global perspective, analyzing the macro environments of countries around the world, and successful strategies in response. Academic disciplines: macroeconomics, globalization and international strategy.

July 5 - July 9 (Thurs - Mon)
SJTU, Shanghai
Theme 6
Chen and Voigt

Theme 7: Global Front-Line Perspectives

We visit dynamic, ex-China economies in East Asia for additional perspective on how leading businesses in the region are achieving excellence in the globalized economy. Site visits and other interaction with 8 to 12 top executives of these businesses. Locations to date: India, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia.

Aug. 12 - 17 (Sun - Fri)
TBD (Asia)
Theme 7
Nunes and Dai

Theme 8: Strategic Planning for Growth and Profitability

Again leveraging work to date, students develop strategies for existing and potential global businesses. A key component is detailed evaluation of a current, real-world Asia-specific merger or acquisition. Academic disciplines: globalization, strategy, operations.

Sept. 20 - 24 (Thurs - Mon)
SJTU, Shanghai
Theme 8A
Bhambri and Swartz
Nov. 1 - Nov. 5 (Thurs - Mon)
SJTU, Shanghai
Theme 8B
Bhambri and Swartz

This calendar is subject to change for unusual circumstances.


Themes 9 & 10: The Global Leader of the Future

In these capstone themes, we focus on what the business world requires of 21st century business leaders. Students reflect on their leadership capabilities and future career development, with a focus on entrepreneurship vs. leadership roles in large corporations. We hold our graduation ceremony at the close of the themes. Academic disciplines: entrepreneurship, leadership and managerial communications, strategy, globalization .

Jan. 20 - 28 (Sun. - Mon.) 
USC, Los Angeles
Themes 9 and 10
Blumenthal, Knapp and Patton

This calendar is subject to change for unusual circumstances.