Top Faculty, Globally Recognized

Only the Marshall School's leading faculty are selected to teach in the GEMBA program.


The Learning Experience

Integrated, Theme-based Curriculum

Our participants become "deep generalists", gaining sufficient mastery of all the technical skills such as accounting finance, economics, management, strategy and marketing, but more critically gaining the experience of integrating these skills into a cohesive, strategic whole. Unlike traditional MBA programs that offer discrete courses conducted within academic silos, and then expect students to integrate these course materials themselves, the GEMBA program continuously exposes you to different and sometimes conflicting aspects of business, always integrated within the context of broader, timeless themes that are pertinent to any company or industry. More


The GEMBA program is led by Marshall's top faculty, globally recognized for their teaching excellence and world-class business research. The GEMBA faculty also teach in Marshall's top-ten-ranked EMBA programs in Southern California. More

Global Program, Global Locations

To enhance your global management comprehension and leadership potential, the GEMBA program features not only ten modules in Shanghai and two in Los Angeles, but one in another Asian economic center. Our classes to date have visited India, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia for one-week intensive interactions with business leaders. More


Our executive-friendly, part-time schedule of 13 sessions spread over 20 months allows you to maintain your career while you study and develop academically. More