Marshall Values



Transformational Courage, Collaborative Ambition, Impactful Service, and Unwavering Integrity are the values that represent the core beliefs of the Marshall community, as well as our aspirations for the future.  

We are the Trojan Family. Our values exemplify the impact that our students and graduates make on the world around us. Marshall MBAs are collaborative leaders who drive innovation by leveraging diverse perspectives. Our support of each other begins with the relationships forged at USC, and extends around the world through our loyal alumni. Learn more about our Marshall Values in this video.

Transformational Courage:

    We dream big. Our entrepreneurial mindset is fueled by new ideas and ambitious goals.
    We are resolute in our aim. We always push to improve ourselves, our communities, and our companies.
    We strive for excellence as lifelong learners, because knowledge drives our passions.

Collaborative Ambition:

    We work together to solve today’s – and tomorrow’s – biggest challenges. We rise by lifting others.
    We are each other’s greatest resources. Our inclusivity opens our eyes to different perspectives.
    We take our work and ourselves seriously. And we have fun while doing so.

Impactful Service

    We take pride in the places we call home and are committed to their betterment.
    We act with purpose, driven to leave an enduring influence on our communities.
    We foster a pay-it-forward culture. As Trojans, we take care of our family.

Unwavering Integrity

    We will never sacrifice our values to achieve our goals. Our principles are who we are.
    We lead by example. Our actions inspire the people around us.
    We hold ourselves and each other accountable, because we know that our actions reflect on all of us.