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We are your strategic partner throughout the recruiting process.

We take a true consultative approach and work closely with each firm to develop short- and long-term strategies with you to meet your immediate and strategic talent needs. We are your partner in recruiting, and we take time to get to know you through company and campus visits as well as ongoing dialogue throughout the calendar year.

We help you build a strategic brand on campus by ensuring you interact with our students – a recruiting strategy that enhances your firm’s visibility, highlights your employment opportunities, and enables you to preview exceptional talent.

Maximize your on-campus visibility at USC Marshall through participation in career programs and workshops, including the Alumni Mentor Program, networking and mock interview activities. We also offer recruiters opportunities to share valuable industry insights at Industry Institutes, student club events and our annual career fair.

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We’ve outlined “8 Steps to Successful Recruiting,” to help guide you through the process.

8 Steps to Successful Recruiting

  1. Identify Recruitment Goals and Strategy – we welcome the opportunity to meet with you to gain an understanding of your talent needs and help identify the best opportunities to engage with USC Marshall.
  1. Best Methods to Recruit at Marshall – we will assist you in determining the most effective methods to source top talent and define a recruiting strategy that best meets your needs. We use MBA Focus to manage all of our recruiting activities, including on-campus recruiting, job postings, and resume books. 
  1. Brand- Building Activities – we will help identify a strategy to build your firm’s brand by connecting with faculty and industry-specific events hosted by MBA student clubs. There are a variety of ways to increase your presence on-campus and we want to maximize your time with us.
  1. On-Campus Interviews – book your fall and spring recruiting interviews that best suits your needs. Our fall recruiting starts in late September and spring recruiting begins in late January. Interviews can be scheduled in 30, 45 or 60-minute segments.
  1. Access to Resumes – post your positions online where interested students can apply electronically allowing you to review candidate resumes and consider the talent pool that best meets your needs. Select students to interview based on early review.
  1. Interviewing – selecting the candidates that best fit your needs is top priority and we will work closely with you to build an interview schedule of qualified candidates. For long-distance recruiting, we make our interview rooms available to students for phone and Skype interviews.
  1. Extending Offers – once you are ready to extend an offer to selected students, we want to ensure that the decision is the right decision for your company and our students. Please see the “recruiting guidelines and policies” for information on extending offers.
  1. Future Recruiting – we will help evaluate your recruiting season at Marshall and create a strategic and tactical plan based on lessons learned this year as we move forward to the next academic year and recruiting cycle.

Let’s get started. If you are interested in recruiting USC Marshall MBA students, please contact one of our Global Sector Leads based on your industry:

Lori Babigian (
Energy, Industrial, Social Impact, Technology

Elaine Sommers (

Carolyn Chuang (
Consumer Goods, Retail

Naomi Lynch (
Financial Services, Healthcare, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship

Peter Campbell (
Media, Entertainment, Technology

Marshall MBA Career Services Online

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Our customizable, easy-to-use web portal extends your company’s presence across campus and beyond, allowing you to post jobs, identify the right candidates for your opportunities and set up interviews and on-campus recruiting events. Visit us online.

Extending Job Offers

While we do not restrict when employers may extend job offers, employers are encouraged to communicate decisions to candidates within a reasonable period of time and we suggest the following student-decision deadlines to allow the student to participate in on-campus recruiting and to make an informed decision that is in the best interest of both the student and the employer.

  • Fall Full-time or Internship Offers: It is common for students to receive a full-time offer at the end of a summer internship or early September. For full-time or internship offers made in the fall, we suggest giving the student until December 1st or a minimum of three to four weeks after an offer is made to make their decision to accept or decline an offer.
  • Spring Full-time or Internship Offers: For companies interviewing in the spring semester, we recommend giving the student until March 1st or a minimum of three to four weeks after an offer is made during the spring term.

Offer and Hiring Information

It is essential that USC Marshall School of Business receive offer and relevant employment data of newly hired students in a timely manner.  Employers are asked to report all hiring data to each global sector lead or by email to

MBA Career Services Policies and Guidelines

The MBA Career Services Center seeks to maintain and enhance the reputation of the Marshall School of Business School and University of Southern California with our corporate partners and the community at large and ask our students to abide by recruiting policies and guidelines for professional conduct.