Tuition & Financial Aid

Full-Time MBA

 Tuition & Fees

The numbers provided below are approximations. Please be aware that living expenses can vary greatly, depending on where in Los Angeles you live and your choice of accommodation (in shared housing or on your own).


Costs First-Year   Second-Year
Tuition (based on 2020-2021 tuition)




      USC Central Services and Health Fees 950   950
      Loan Fees (if applicable) 1,548   1,548
      MBA Program Fees 1350   400
Books/Supplies 3,100   2,000
Total Living Expenses* 26,980   24,256
Total Cost $102,964   $92,960


All admitted applicants are considered for merit-based scholarship opportunities, and candidates are informed of the scholarship decision at the point of admission. The assessment criteria are the same as those used for the admissions decision but at a more competitive level. There is no separate application process for these scholarship awards.

There are two additional scholarship opportunities that exist:

Consortium for Graduate Study in Management (CGSM) Fellowships

Candidates who are able to demonstrate a commitment to the CGSM mission can apply for both CGSM membership and a CGSM Fellowship through a separate application process. Candidates applying through the CCGM should apply using the CGSM application and not the Marshall application. Please visit the following website for more details:

For more information, please reach out to our staff liaison, Elaine Padilla, at

Schoen Family Scholarship Program for Veterans

Newly admitted Full-Time MBA students may apply for this specific opportunity. Candidates must meet the following criteria for application eligibility:

  • Candidate must have received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Armed Forces; and
  • Candidate must have served a minimum of three years of continuous, full-time, activity duty in the last 10 years.

For more information please reach out to our staff liaison, Nirav Mehta, at

Loans & Financial Aid

Please visit the USC Student Financial Aid website to inquire about Federal Stafford Loans and other loan options. International students are not eligible to receive federal financial aid, which includes Stafford and Perkins loans. However, international students may qualify for private loans if they have a U.S. co-signer. Additional helpful links include:

USC is a participant of the Yellow Ribbon GI Education Enhancement Program. Visit the USC Office of Veteran Affairs for more information.