Meet the Full-Time MBA Program Team

Murat Bayiz

Murat Bayiz, Academic Director, Full-Time MBA Program 

Murat Bayiz is a Professor of Clinical Data Sciences and Operations at Marshall School of Business. Murat teaches core and elective at Marshall School’s undergraduate, MS in GSCM, and MBA programs. He oversees curricular aspects of the Full-Time MBA Program. 

Anne Ziemniak

Anne Ziemniak, Assistant Dean and Director
Full-Time MBA Program

Anne is responsible for student affairs functions for full-time MBA students, including academic services, student life and student engagement.

Janella Chiang

Janella Chiang, Academic Services Manager
Full-Time MBA Program

Janella manages the first-year experience and academic services for full-time MBA students, including registration, degree progress, academic advising and core course coordination.

Kat Lopez

Kat Lopez, Assistant Director
Full-Time MBA Program

Kat manages academic services for the second-year full-time MBA students, including registration, degree progress, and academic advising. She is also responsible for student life programming, including the Marshall Business Competition Program, leadership programs and student organization management. 

Jessica Ekwegh

Jessica Ekwegh, Program Coordinator
Full-Time MBA Program

Jessica is responsible for all front office operations, event planning and logistics, and budget and finances for the Full-Time MBA Program.