EMBA Voices

Graduates share their experience as EMBA students.


Executive MBA Voices

Our EMBA students are mid-career professionals from every industry, each with a unique reason for choosing USC Marshall for their Executive MBA. Click on a video to hear their stories.

Return on Investment

Keyvan Samini (1:20)
Chief Financial & Operating Officer, Mobix Labs, Inc.


Trojan Network

Laura Josh (0:45)
General Manager, Sales, Marketing & Product Development


Gary Amaral (1:10)
Senior Portfolio Manager, Financial Advisor
UBS Private Wealth Management


Relationships, Credibility & Leadership

Kalani McClain (0:55)
Western Regional Sales Manager


Scott Porter (1:12)
Ernst & Young LLP


Collaborative Environment

Sharon Faustina (0:37)
Chief Financial Officer
Brave Thinking Institute

Leadership Development

Adrian Haskamp (0:50)
USMC Veteran & Director
Viasat Inc.



Lisa Marie Ardagna (0:50)
Vice President of Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

The EMBA Experience

Hear from graduates of the Marshall EMBA Program. (2:51)



Michael Grice (1:29)
Chief Operating Officer 
Boost Oxygen LLC

Critical Thinking

Anju Grover (0:58)
Director of Operations


The Thematic Curriculum

Angela Zepeda (1:38)
Chief Marketing Officer
Hyundai Motor America

Collaborative Study

Troy Achong (1:26)
Founding Member, Chief People Strategist


The Outstanding Faculty

Eric Wilker (1:06)
Senior Vice President, Corporate Synergy

The Trojan Network

Bobby Cockrill (0:33)
Vice President of Sales
Bardy Diagnostics


The Global Experience

DJ Fuller (1:28)
Chief Executive Officer

The Student Experience

Arvind Bhambri
Associate Professor of Management and Organization


“The program has changed because executive challenges have changed over this time. Now our program includes social media, it includes globalization, it includes how you use technology to succeed and design organizations – so as the business world changes, the program has had to change to keep up with it.”


Princess Mpati
District Sales Manager - Retail Healthcare
EMBA Class of 2018


“I immediately started using everything that I was learning because I’m already a working manager, I already have people that report to me so a lot of the leadership classes, a lot of the organizational development classes – information that I could to work on Monday and start using. So If I was to look back and compare last year to this year I would say my performance at work is superior to last year. Being in the program has changed the way I look at things, it’s changed the way I think, [and] I have resources that I now leverage.”

James Naviaux
Director, Global Partnerships & Commercial Strategy at ESS, Inc.
EMBA Class of 2017


“When you think about the faculty at USC [Marshall], I think that’s really what separates this program from the others. These are people that are incredibly intelligent, have had great careers, have travelled all over the world, and these are the people that you’re learning from.”


Sumner Lee
CEO at Fuse Integration
EMBA Class of 2009


“The Marshall program here really helped me to find the path to where I am now. From being in the military and then moving through to a government job and then coming into the SC MBA program, I was able to build my own understanding and experience and capabilities and it really pushed me to make the leap to go and start my own business."

Jill Olson
Senior Manager Business Operations at  pSemi, A Murata Company
EMBA Class of 2018


“The advice I would give others weighing ROI of this program would be just think about where you are in life and what you want in life. It’s not like you need to know exactly what you’re going to do in 10 years, but know the direction you want to go in, know yourself and this program is going to amazing. Just be willing to commit to the program because you put in is what you get out.”


Florian Limjoco
CEO at  Xiphos Global Inc.
EMBA Class of 2009


“I chose USC Marshall because of its network. I work in a global environment – I travel often into Asia. USC has an extremely good presence there, they travel well. Some of my most recent contacts and opportunities have been with USC alumni.”

Mark DeFond
Associate Dean of Faculty and A. N. Mosich Professor of Accounting
Leventhal School of Accounting, USC


“Every class that we have is collaborate in some way with other disciplines, other functional areas in business – so this is all integrative. We really try to break down those barriers and look at more of a holistic view of what a business is, and how to understand business, and how to be a productive manager and leader in business.”


Jorge Guillermo Batiz
CEO at Arco Áreas Comerciales
EMBA Class of 2018


“There are many special things about the USC EMBA program. One of them is definitely the collaborative learning aspect. Working with a group and really trying to feed off of each other and trying to make things as best as you can as a group and not as an individual.”