Career Services

In addition to USC Marshall School of Business’s professionally managed Keenan MBA Career Resource Center, the IBEAR MBA program now has its own dedicated career development advisor whose background includes placement search with several multinational companies. Tuned in to the unique needs of mid career professionals with a global work background, IBEAR’s career advisor has devised a series of programs that help our participants develop a career growth plan be it in the US or overseas. Given the small class size of the program, the career advisor works closely with each individual participant to help identify and accomplish his or her career objectives.

Besides targeted career advise, year round networking events, career management training workshops, resume preparation and interview training are made available to participants. On campus recruiting and interviews are part of the career services calendar. Relevant job postings are regularly circulated. A published resume book and an electronic referral system help match participants to suitable jobs and allow recruiters to identify potential candidates.

IBEAR’s career advisor is committed to the success of every person attending the program. Participants are encouraged to work closely with the advisor from the beginning of the program, and to take advantage of the full range of value added services provided.