Program Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes

1.  Technical, Conceptual, Problem-Solving Requirement 
Students will be competent in and be able to apply discipline-specific knowledge and skills in the fields of accounting and data analytics.  This learning outcome includes the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills, as well as an understanding of the strategic role of accounting in business organizations and society.
2.  Professional Development Requirement 
Students will be able to communicate clearly, and strategically, after considering the relevant audience, situation, and purpose of the communication.  Students will develop the ability to work productively with others to accomplish established goals.
3.  Research/Life-Long Learning Requirement 
Students will be able to use relevant research databases and academic/professional literature to gain new knowledge and analyze business situations.
4.  Ethical Principles and Professional Standards Requirement 
Students will be able to apply ethical principles and professional standards in analyzing situations and making informed decisions.
5.  Globalization Requirement
Students will be able to demonstrate an international perspective and appreciation for diversity and cultural differences, along with their significance in global business.

“The DSO department and the Master of Science in Business Analytics program are proud to be part of the new master program developing a new type of accountant who can bring expertise in business analytics to the field.  I am sure that Marshall, the Leventhal School of Accounting and DSO will lead this exciting change.” 

- Professor Yehuda Bassok, Chair of Data Sciences and Operations Department