Experiential Learning Center

What We Do

Student Activities at the ELC

Marshall Students actively engage in structured experiences that enable them to gain a greater and more comprehensive understanding of management theories and their applications.

To guide students through the experiential exercises, the ELC employs professional trainers. These individuals research, develop, assess, and inaugurate appropriate activities for specific business classes. Marshall Faculty and the ELC Trainers work closely together to ensure that the activity chosen for a particular class session emphasizes the lesson plan and enhances students learning. 

State-of-the-art capture technology is used to record student presentations, mock interviews, and ELC exercises so that participants may get immediate feedback on their performance.

How do I contact the ELC?

You can contact the ELC team by sending an email to

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How do I use the ELC?

Marshall students use the ELC through their business classes. Faculty teaching these courses will request the use of the center.  

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Students are fully engaged in their learning as they participate in experiential activities at the ELC