Digital and Cybersecurity Governance

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Digitally savvy boards drive better business results. Corporate directors and CEO’s face a wide range of challenges around information technology oversight. This two-day course offers you a unique world-class program in digital and cybersecurity oversight in a collaborative, peer learning environment. You will finish the program with the foundational skills and tools to begin to fulfill your duties as a corporate director around the complex and volatile digital governance risk landscape.

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Topics and Sessions:

• Leading practices in digital governance
• Emerging technologies
• Cybersecurity threat landscape
• Data management concepts
• Cyber-attack simulation
• Enabling Digital Transformation
• Digital governance board composition
• Technology and cybersecurity committee charter and agenda
• Regulatory landscape and Insurance

Corporate Board of Directors

"As the only program of this type in the United States, we’re taking the lead in developing America’s corporate directors to understand duties around the complex and volatile digital governance risk landscape," - Professor Bob Zukis

Who Should Attend:  This ​program ​is ​vital for ​sitting ​corporate ​directors, ​executives, and CEOs.

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      June 3, 2020 - June 4, 2020
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      8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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      Los Angeles, CA
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Teaching Method

You will participate in two full days of interactive sessions with case reviews, peer learning, and simulation that focuses on the key knowledge, skills and tools you need to understand and govern the overall digital governance landscape.

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Adjunct Professor Bob Zukis is one of the world’s leading experts on digital governance, CEO of the Digital Directors Network, and is a retired PwC’s Advisory partner where he led their IT strategy and operations practice. He is a board member of the NACD PSW chapter and is a Senior Fellow in The Conference Board’s Governance Center. Zukis has worked on four continents across twenty countries. 

Bob Zukis has twenty-five years of applied business strategy and operations experience as a management consultant, business executive, author and speaker with extensive experience in Asia and Europe. His past employers have included PwC Management Consulting. He is a prolific author and speaker.

For complete Bio and CV:

Bob Zukis


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