Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation


Are you looking to gain hands-on experience and nurture your creative potential? Learn the applied creativity tools, like empathy and experimentation, to arrive at innovative solutions. Learn to rethink how you approach work challenges, understand how firms engage in business model innovation to develop game-changing strategies that disrupt industries, design for services and environment, product development processes, create new market opportunities, and break away from your competition.  Earn a certificate of completion.

Outcomes and Objectives:
•    Understand the tools for strategic and business model innovation
•    Develop new market opportunity creation through blue-ocean strategies to transform your organization
•    Practice and implement design thinking immersion
•    Apply the practices of design thinking for opportunity discovery and business model innovation

Design Thinking Prof Rindova


Who Should Attend:  This program will benefit all managers, directors, and executives who are responsible for formulating or driving corporate strategy. This program is ideal for learning to tackle organizational challenges.

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      March 4, 2020 - March 5, 2020
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      8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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      USC Campus, Los Angeles
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Teaching Method

This program is run in a small classroom setting that gives you frequent one-on-one access to USC Marshall faculty. Using case studies, current business articles, in-class exercises, small group projects, our faculty will lead you to focus on the key knowledge and skills you need to create new market opportunities.

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Professor Violina Rindova

Violina Rindova

Professor of Management and Organization

USC Marshall School of Business

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Participant Testimonial

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