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Executive Education Stages of High Impact Learning Journey

Why We Advocate Delivering High Impact Learning Journey (HILJ)*

A High Impact Learning Journey (HILJ) takes place over time and maximizes the approach of "learn" and then “go-do”. Delivering a learning journey provides for maximum impact because learners practice and apply in the moments that matter in real work.

Our Marshall Executive Education custom HILJ programs combine formal and informal strategic development components to increase the likelihood of learning “stickiness” for optimal behavior changes, transformation, and results.  HILJs take into account learning in the flow of work that is the reality of today’s busy professional.

High Impact Learning Journey Design (HILJ)

Exec Ed Learning Journey Model 1

The Need for HILJ Increases When

  • The skill is complex involving several integrated inter-dependent sub-skills (e.g., how to a coach involves listening, diagnosis, asking good questions)
  • The application of a skill is role critical
  • Application of the skill needs to happen in a range of settings and scenarios
  • The learners work is a busy environment with competing time demands
  • Practice and feedback are needed
  • The skill involves social interaction with others
  • There is good reason to believe there will be significant performance barriers for learners applying their learning in the performance environment

Stages of a HILJ Program

Exec Ed Learning Journey Model 2

*USC Marshall School of Business Executive Education is HILJ Certified. Image copyright Promote International with permission.