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Is your organization ready for the future now? 

As your partner in custom programs, our expert team and distinguished USC Marshall faculty collaborate with your senior executives to ensure we deliver rigorous,  results-driven learning solutions for maximum impact and lasting change.  Tap into our proven experience building custom learning programs for private, public, and government organizations of all sizes, both nationally and internationally. 

Exec Ed Custom Programs Experiential

Program Development Delivers a Common Vision

• Formalize your corporate learning vision and align it to your culture and goals
• Address challenges and define new market opportunities
• Strengthen financial, business, leadership, and management skills for agility and ability
• Cultivate and empower high-potential leaders and executives ready for future challenges
• Help drive confidence, success, and create profit
• Balance immediate results with long-term impact and revenue growth

Faculty Expertise

Gain access to USC Marshall School of Business resources and faculty. Each program is led by a Marshall faculty director whose subject-matter expertise aligns with your corporate strategic learning objectives and goals.  

Adam Tekurio


Adam Tekurio, Director of Client Solutions
USC Marshall office of Executive Education 

Telephone: 213-821-3489




Alison Horstmeyer

Alison Horstmeyer, Director of Client Development
USC Marshall office of Executive Education 

Telephone: 213-821-3078