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    • August 13, 2019 - August 14, 2019

    Digital and Cybersecurity Governance

    Digitally savvy boards drive better business results. Corporate directors and CEO’s face a wide range of challenges around information technology oversight. This two-day course offers you a unique world-class program in digital and cybersecurity oversight in a collaborative, peer learning environment. You will finish the program with the foundational skills and tools to begin to fulfill your duties as a corporate director around the complex and volatile digital governance risk landscape.

    Topics and Sessions:

    • August 16, 2019 - August 17, 2019
    • February 5, 2020 - February 6, 2020
    • May 19, 2020 - May 20, 2020

    Leadership Development for Building High Performing Teams

    Are you looking to improve your leadership skills to be prepared for the next step in your career?  Learn to build and motivate teams that deliver innovation, change, effectiveness, and long-term results in our dynamic two-day program.  Become the confident leader and team coach with the proficiency to take on new challenges and global markets.

    Topics and Sessions:

    • September 3, 2019 - September 5, 2019
    • February 25, 2020 - February 27, 2020

    Understanding Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

    Do you feel overwhelmed communicating about finance and accounting topics in meetings? A manager's performance is frequently measured by how effectively they oversee departmental budgets. This program was designed to be an invaluable resource taught in a practical format to expand your knowledge and confidence.  Learn to communicate comfortably regarding financial data, cash management, banking, planning, budgets, profitability, solvency and liquidity. 


    • September 16, 2019 - September 19, 2019
    • March 16, 2020 - March 19, 2020

    Food Industry Executive Program

    Taught by both faculty from USC Marshall School of Business and relevant Food Industry "Subject Matter Experts," this innovative program will enhance the participant's business mindset while providing key knowledge and the latest strategic tools. Be inspired and learn to inspire.

    Topics and Sessions:

    • September 27, 2019 - September 28, 2019
    • January 31, 2020 - February 1, 2020

    Diversity and Inclusion for Success

    Learn how to foster diversity and inclusion to increase innovation and collaboration, not just to comply to human resource changes.  Examine how deep rooted human unconscious biases impact organizational and social cultures in potentially unintended ways. You will explore practical ways individuals, teams, and organizations can make conscious decisions to affect impactful change. 

    Topics and Sessions:

    • October 3, 2019 - October 4, 2019

    Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation

    Gain hands-on experience with this two-day Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation program and nurture your creative potential. Learn the applied creativity tools, like empathy and experimentation, to arrive at innovative solutions. Learn to rethink how you approach work challenges, understand how firms engage in business model innovation to develop game-changing strategies that disrupt industries, design for services and environment, product development processes, create new market opportunities, and break away from your competition. 

    • October 4, 2019 - November 8, 2019
    • April 4, 2020 - May 16, 2020

    Management Development Program: Business Essentials for Managers

    An investment in you as a manager, the management development program offers an ideal learning journey to master key management development and practice each skill on the job immediately. Delivered one day each week for six weeks, with a week in between to maximize learning stickiness, you will quickly enhance your business skills to become a more effective manager. Learn to lead, engage, motivate, and develop your team to drive results that directly influence your organization’s success.

    • October 5, 2019 - October 6, 2019

    RIMS-CRMP Prep Workshop

    RIMS joins forces with USC Marshall Executive Education to bring you this certification prep workshop. 

    • October 7, 2019 - October 23, 2019

    Performance Science for Business

    For the first time, faculty members from USC Performance Science Institute and Marshall School of Business collaborate to train your business mind to be resilient, agile, and visionary. 

    • October 23, 2019 - October 24, 2019
    • March 11, 2020 - March 12, 2020

    Digital Insights for Strategic Decision-making

    Gain firsthand experience with this two-day Digital Insights for Strategic Decision-making. Learn to leverage technology and data while understanding the advantages and limitations of digital insights and digital transformation. Dig beyond raw data and research to know how to create and apply a multi-dimensional view of your customer and business.

    • November 6, 2019 - November 8, 2019
    • April 23, 2020 - April 25, 2020

    The Leadership Journey: Developing Yourself and Others

    Reach new levels of leadership. Discover the framework and tools to understand your personal leadership style and make a significant impact on those around you. You'll leave with a new understanding of high-quality connections and positive leadership that can help others grow, plus a renewed appreciation of your own potential.

    Topics and Sessions:

    • November 12, 2019 - November 13, 2019

    Performance Management Leadership

    Become the leader that attracts and retains the talent to take your company to the next level. This two-day program introduces participants to the rationale and research for changes in performance management and the emerging seven core practices business leaders are taking to create a culture that delivers high-impact performance. You will learn a set of practical, easy-to-master and use tools to maximize engagement, and the daily performance of others.