Building a successful, multi-generational family business is hard work and it takes a lot of work.  Here are some of the resources that we have recommended to our members.

Books and Articles

  • Hats Off To You 2, Lee Hausner and Ernest Doud
  • The Legacy Family, Lee Hausner and Douglas Freeman
  • The Founder's Dilemma, Noam Wasserman
  • Tribal Leadership, David Logan
  • The Business of Family, Linda Davis Taylor
  • Preparing Heirs, Williams & Preisser
  • Game Changing Advisory Boards, William Hawfield and John Zaepfel
  • 25 Best Practices of a Multi-Generational Family, GenSpring Family Office
  • Family Business Tools, USC Marshall Family Business Program
Hats Off To You Cover


  • Institute for Preparing Heirs

On-Line Resources

YouTube: USC Family Business Program has a YouTube channel. Please subscribe and watch conversations with Lee Hausner and other subject matter experts with Ken Ude, Director.

Segments include:

  • Entering the Family Business
  • Preparing Gen 1 to Exit
  • Governance
  • Compensation
  • Advisory Boards
  • Family Meetings
  • Transparency
  • Management vs Ownership
  • Managing Your Hat Collection

Other websites:

Assessment Tools and Profiles
The USC Marshall recommends several self-assessment tools and profiles to provide feedback and guidance to family owned businesses.  Here are links to a few:

  • Six Transitions Profile: Provides insights on where a family is in relation to the Six Transition Model in the book 'Hats Off To You 2'
  • Personal Well Being Profile: Provides feedback to the individual, based on an appendix in the book 'Hats Off To You 2'
  • Sustainable Value Wheel: A visual planning tool from The Board Group that focuses on 15 factors that create value in a company.
  • 4x4 Strategic Intelligence Audit: A self-audit tool that provides feedback on a company's strategic decision making process