Family Business Workshops

for Family Business Owners

Workshops for Family Business Owners

The USC Marshall Family Business Workshops are open to the ‘relevant members of the family business.’  We encourage broad involvement for maximum benefit. 

2-day Family Business Legacy Workshop
 “The Keys to Creating a Successful Multi-Generational Family Business,” workshop gives participants an overview of the six critical transitions a family business must navigate including succession planning, preparing the next generation, wealth preservation and more.  This workshop provides a great overview of the critical transitions and sets up many of our other programs to dive deeper into the topic area.
May 24-25, 2018:  USC Los Angeles Campus  Click Here to Register Now

½ and 1-day Workshops for Established Family Businesses
Operating and real estate businesses with revenue greater than $10 million that have gone through, or are approaching, a generational transfer will benefit most from this track. 

½ and 1-day Workshop topics include: 

•    Impact Philanthropy as a Strategic Tool
Philanthropy can be a powerful tool in bringing a family together. It can also be an important component of strengthening a business, creating a legacy and training the next generation. This workshop delves into strategies for targeted philanthropic giving as a means of family cohesion and brand enhancement.
Thursday, April 12, 2018:  Los Angeles  Click Here to Register

•    Planning Your Generational Succession, or Planning for a Sale
Transitioning a business to the next generation is one constant in a family business – and a planned succession creates is a smoother transition. This workshop is for families who are considering a business succession within the next three to five years, will examine how to get the founder ready, the business prepared, and the family equipped for what comes next.  Special consideration will be given to techniques and tactics to structure the most tax efficient transfer, whether it is an outright sale to a third party, or a transition to the next generation.
Wednesday, May 16, 2018:  Orange County  Click Here to Register
Thursday, May 17, 2018:  Los Angeles  Click Here to Register