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The Keys to Creating a Successful Multi-Generational Family Business

A 2-Day Legacy Family Business Workshop

Date: May 18 – 19, 2017

Building a strong business is difficult.  Creating a strong family is also very challenging.  Doing both in the context of a family-owned business can be overwhelming.  That is why the USC Marshall School of Business created this 2-day family business workshop.  You’ll learn from leading experts and successful families who have successfully transitioned their business and understand the keys to creating a successful, multi-generational family business.

The workshop will combine real-world experiences of successful family-owned businesses with peer learning in discussions led by our subject matter experts.  Participants will leave this workshop with an understanding and a framework to move your business and your family forward.  Special focus will be on understanding the six critical transitions a successful multi-generational family must learn to navigate to create its legacy.  Particularly as it relates to succession planning, preparing the next generation, governance and creating your legacy.

What You Can Expect:
You can expect an active and dynamic exchange of ideas between subject matter experts, families who have been successful and the other participants that will drive the practical application of best practices in buildings a strong and unified business and family unit.

  • Interactive discussions led by recognized subject matter experts
  • Panelists who have been through it, sharing their experiences
  • Study guides to reinforce learnings and create a framework for creating your action plan
  • Individual follow-up meeting 3 months after the workshop to help you follow through on your plan

Special consideration will be given to:

  • The six critical transitions a successful family must learn to navigate.  The transitions of the Founder, Family, Business, Management & Governance of the Business, Ownership and finally Legacy & Wealth Management.
  • Succession planning and preparing for the transition of the business and of the founder
  • Creating a Family Toolkit that includes a Constitution, Employment Policy Manual and Strategic Plan to move the family forward
  • Governance of the family business, and the family
  • Creating a Communications system to resolve conflicts and facilitate having the crucial conversation
  • Growing, protecting and managing wealth

Who This Program Is Designed For:
This program is designed for all of the ‘relevant members’ of the family business and family system:

  • Founder and current generation that is the leading the business, and their spouses
  • ‘Next Gen’ and their spouses, whether active in the business or not
  • Aunts, Uncles and cousins who are stakeholders in the business
  • Key executives of the business who are like members of the family
  • Family members that rely on the success of the family business for their livelihood

Special Focus:

  • Succession planning for the transition of the business to the next generation and for the transition of the Founder
  • Preparing the next generation to assume the role of the leader
  • Guidelines for employing family members in the business
  • Framework for creating a family constitution and strategic family plan
  • Creating and effective communications system in the family
  • Governance
  • Protecting the business
  • Protecting the wealth and creating liquidity

Individual Sessions During and After the Workshop: 
We have built into the Program meetings with one of our leaders during the workshop as well as a follow up session 3 months after the workshop to make sure that the families are on track with their stated goals.

Our Experts and Panelists:
We will draw from the experiences of some of the most recognized experts on family businesses to lead our discussions including 

  • Lee Hausner, PhD., senior advisor to the USC Marshall Family Business Program, author, speaker, and internationally recognized expert on family business dynamics
  • Ken Ude, Director of the USC Marshall Family Business Program
  • Timothy Lappen, Founder & Chairman of the Family Office Group at Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell 
  • George Isaac, Founder/President of George Isaac Consulting, former family-business CEO (Gen 3), co-manager of his family office and former Deloitte Consulting Partner
  • David Bacci, Center for Management Communications, USC Marshall School of Business

Tuition and What’s Included:
Tuition for the program is $5,000 for 4 members of the family.  Additional family members are $1,000 each.  Tuition includes all instruction, materials, meals during the workshop and a follow-up meeting.  Tuition does not include travel or accommodations. 

Location: the workshop will be held on the USC campus in Los Angeles.

For More Information
Ken Ude, Director,
USC Marshall Family Business Program