Building a Program

Executive Education

The core of any Executive Education program is its ability to achieve specific company objectives and address them effectively. We provide you with the tools and frameworks to tackle tough problems in the real world because our programs are based in the real world.

All projects involve a project management team consisting of representatives from the USC Office of Executive Education, a faculty coordinator and/or faculty members. In addition, the development team includes a program faculty advisor and a staff program manager who would serve as the primary interface with your company's program team or representative.

Our faculty and Executive Education staff use a highly collaborative process in customizing your program to fit your needs. Every process is iterative, and like our programs, interactive. We believe that the success of a custom program lies in our ability to create a mutually beneficial partnership with your company and participants to maximize the learning impact and take-home value. Our process is broken down into five steps: Exploration, Program Design, Curriculum Development, Program Delivery, and Evaluation.

The exploration phase is the initial discussion where we learn your objectives, preferred content, and desired outcomes. Our design team will search for any additional background information about your organization's perceived needs, industry trends, and competencies of the program participants. Once the initial program is drafted, we will reconvene to approve the final template.

Program Design
Our experienced program design team will then revise the content from the explorative discussions and draft an initial custom program. This includes identification of potential faculty, a final topic list, a schedule, and suggestions for relevant modes of program delivery (lecture/discussion, case study, group work, etc.). This template will also include the program objectives and the amount of time devoted to each topic.

Curriculum Development
As an iterative process among faculty members, this phase will add content and material to each individual topic from the final template. The content that is added to substantiate each topic will be determined to ensure that it is consistent with the goals and objectives of your organization.

When needed, distance learning outside of the classroom can be coordinated by staff and faculty experienced in internet class delivery. Our faculty can provide progress reports to the designated representatives from your organization as required.

Program Delivery
Once each topic has been reinforced with content and delivery methods, the faculty members will submit their materials for each session. Each participant will receive a binder complete with all course notes, module information, and scheduling. Our program will be delivered in one of our cutting-edge facilities or at an off-site location of your organization's choosing. As a program is running, our program team monitors the delivery feedback in real time in order to make any adjustments immediately.

Our program design team, faculty, and representatives from your organization will meet once the program concludes to discuss the participants' evaluations, faculty and staff perceptions, and other evidence of program performance. We encourage this review and evaluation process to be as candid and direct as possible to foster a trusting and honest partnership.