AWE Curriculum

Making Succession a Reality for Women Executives

Accelerating Women Executives  (AWE) is focused on helping women on C-suite succession paths advance into C-suite roles in their organizations. Focusing specifically on this career inflection point creates the environment for a transformative, level-appropriate experience and accelerates the real work of the sponsor and participant in their organization.

At the end of the journey, women will have increased their readiness for the C-Suite
•    Mindset: Measurable shift to empowering beliefs
•    Behaviors: Increased effectiveness in targeted behaviors, with a special emphasis on P&L leadership
•    Experience: Identify and own the experiences needed to accelerate into the c-suite; get sponsorship to gain these assignments
•    Business Results: Identified business results achieved by each participant

Campus Workshop 1: Month 2
Women executives will walk away from this 3-day campus workshop with increased ability to:
•    Create global business strategies that drive differentiation in the marketplace.
•    Communicate and align internal and external stakeholders to the strategy, building trust and commitment. e.g. employees, customers, investors, board of directors and the executive committee.
•    Strengthen P&L understanding and leadership. 
•    Communicate who you are as a leader –your purpose, values, brand, and beliefs.
•    Transform liming beliefs and derailers into empowering beliefs that fuel your leadership.
•    Grow your influence in the organization and readiness for the c-suite. 
The output of this session is a powerful “Readiness Development Plan” for each woman.

Campus Workshop 2:  Month 4
Women executives will walk away from this 3-day campus workshop with increased ability to:
•    Anticipate and plan for global, macroeconomic, digital, market, and competitive disruptions that will impact your business.
•    Expand knowledge regarding the impact of diversity and inclusion on organizational effectiveness and performance.
•    Lead business transformation for sustainable change.
•    Coach for the leadership you expect from your subordinates, peers and executives.
•    Grow your influence in the organization and readiness for the c-suite. 
The output of this session is a plan to integrate new learning on business and culture transformation into an initiative each woman is currently leading.

Online Workshop 3:  Month 6
•    Launch post-program 360-assessment for skills update analysis
•    Review feedback on leadership development skills to-date and edit succession plan

The Accelerating Women Executives participant and development journey is 6 months and includes proven strategy to facilitate mindset shifts, behavior change, and accelerated high potential development.

•    A Compelling Community
Every participant’s network, a key need for female executives, will broaden in a community with 40 women leaders each on succession plans for executive roll.

•   Executive Sponsorship
Each woman will be supported by an executive sponsor who will serve as her coach, help her navigate 
her career, and advocate for her during and after the experience. Executive sponsors are uniquely 
positioned to break through structural barriers and will also benefit from a Sponsor Journey tailored to increase their impact.

•    Learning Journey
Participants will benefit from two high-impact, in-person workshops that give women the opportunity 
to engage in real and simulated business, personal, and leadership challenges (e.g. leading multiple business models, building business acumen, facing digital disruption, designing and driving business and culture transformation, and managing a P&L over 4 simulated years.)

•    Feedback in the Moment
Receiving feedback is strategy to increase performance 5 so each woman will receive plentiful, specific feedback and coaching from influential leaders, executive coaches, as well as the other women in the program. 

•    Coaching for Results
Six executive coaching sessions will be tailored to support participants’ unique leadership shifts, aligning to the pivotal moments and mindsets that will make the biggest difference given their individual context. 

•    Digital Community
Between workshops, a digital environment will maintain community by providing learning, coaching, and support from cohorts, instructors, and coaches.

Program Length 
6 months:
-    (2) 3-day campus workshops
-    (6) personalized, one-on-one, hour long coaching sessions

•    Catalyst and recent research by HBR have proven that sponsorship is the most powerful strategy for accelerated advancement. 
•    Accelerating Women Executives includes a powerful learning journey for sponsors and will provide them with skill development and coaching for their sponsorship role. 
•    USC Marshall Executive Education will only accept a woman into the program if she has an executive sponsor who is willing to engage in this development journey with her. 
•    Her sponsor commits to:
- having 6 one-hour sponsor meetings with her 
- participating in 6 hours of sponsor training over the course of the 6 months 
•    Participants will be asked to enroll their sponsor at the time of application 


Who Should Attend

•    Our target woman is a senior executive who is on a succession plan and is targeted for a C-suite role in 3 to 7 years. 
•    Titles will vary, so it is important that this woman leads a large team and budget, is a leader of leaders, and has a sponsor.
•    It is also critical that she wants to be in the C-suite in the near future and is committed to the development that will accelerate her readiness.