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our non-degree, short courses empower leaders with an emergent set of capabilities

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In the blink of an eye the business landscape changes.  Business leaders are challenged to learn, shift, pivot, adapt. Answering this global challenge, USC Marshall Executive Education, empowers leaders with an emergent set of capabilities. 

USC Marshall School Executive Education
the place business professionals turn to for career-long learning.

Designed to develop your resilience, agility, innovation, while enhancing your leadership expertise, our non-degree,
our short courses build your super capabilities keeping your career relevant.

Featured Series: Humanistic Leadership

Learn to lead with passion and dignity in this challenging business world with our series of Humanistic Leadership programs.
Although artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly displacing workers, all deliver best when partnered
with innovative, mindful, and curious teamwork. Register for all five in series at a significant discount.

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Executive Education
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