Graduate Certificate in Sustainability and Business

Faculty Directors

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Paul Adler
Harold Quinton Chair in Business Policy
Professor of Management and Organization
Phone: (213) 740-0748





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Adlai Wertman
Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship
Director, Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab
Phone: (213) 740-9910





The faculty who teach in this program are selected from among the broad range of exceptional experts interested in sustainability at the University of Southern California.

Faculty profiles are available at:
Architecture (ARCH):
Civil Engineering (CE courses):
Communication Management (CMGT):
Data Sciences and Operations (DSO): DSO faculty page
Environmental Engineering (ENE):
Environmental Studies (ENST):
Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE):
Preventive Medicine (PM):
Political Science (POSC):
Policy, Planning and Development (PPD and PPDE):
Social Work (SOWK):