Graduate Certificate in Marketing

Required Coursework

The Graduate Certificate in Marketing requires 15 units including one required course and 12-13.5 units of 500-level MKT electives with a GPA of at least 3.0 for all units applied to the certificate. The program may be completed on a full-time (8+ units per semester) or part-time basis.

Students who have taken a master’s-level introductory marketing course at another institution prior to application may petition to replace Marketing Management with an elective. Such a replacement must be requested as an attachment to the application for admission and, if approved, will be included in the offer of admission.

Required Course:                   

GSBA 509 or GSBA 509a or GSBA 528 Marketing Management


Complete successfully enough units of 500-level MKT coursework to total 15 units. 
No more than 3 units of CR/NC coursework can be applied to the certificate.

For current USC graduate students, courses credited to the Graduate Certificate in Marketing may be completed in conjunction with course work required for the program in which the student is already enrolled. Applicability of these courses to the student’s primary degree program is determined by the student’s home department. Current USC MBA students may apply all 15 units of the graduate certificate program to their MBA degree. (Note: conferral of the certificate and documentation on the transcript is not automatic. It requires that the individual formally apply to the program and be admitted. See the Admissions page for more information about this process.)

For USC alumni, courses completed in conjunction with the individual’s prior degree may not be credited toward the certificate or repeated. An appropriate substitution for Marketing Management will be determined and documented by the program director.

Successful completion of the program is documented on the student’s transcript and acknowledged with a certificate (diploma) awarded by the university.

For more information, write to or call (213) 740-3198.

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