Graduate Certificate in Management Studies

Completion of the Graduate Certificate in Management Studies degree requires a minimum of 12 graduate units for all candidates — usually four 3-unit courses.

An evaluation of work previously completed determines if specific content areas are missing. If it is determined that preliminary courses are needed and are available at USC Marshall, the number of units needed to complete the certificate will increase. (Please see the FAQ page for details.)

GCMS applicants are urged to consider areas of specialization available to Marshall graduate students published in the Marshall Graduate Electives Course Guide. The applicant is asked to identify areas of interest as part of the application process, but is free to choose coursework from the full range of graduate electives available to Marshall MBA  students, subject to prerequisite requirements. Access the USC Schedule of Classes at for recent and current class schedules.

None of the GSBA-prefixed classes required for completion of a Marshall MBA program may be applied toward the Graduate Certificate in Management Studies unless they are required to update prior work and are added to the 12-unit total.

All courses applied toward the certificate must be taken within the Marshall School of Business. Acceptable course prefixes include ACCT, BAEP, BUCO, DSO, FBE, GSBA, MKT and MOR. No courses numbered lower than 500 may be included in this program. No coursework completed prior to matriculation in the program can be applied toward the Graduate Certificate in Management Studies.

Successful completion of the program is acknowledged by a certificate awarded by the university.

For additional information contact or call (213) 740-3198.

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