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What is the FIM Program?

The USC Marshall School of Business Food Industry Management (FIM) program started in 1958 and was designed exclusively for grooming the industry’s high-potential future leaders. Each year, a maximum of 35 executives are chosen from a wide range of companies in the food industry to participate in this elite 16-week certificate program. Each executive accepted into the program receives a full-tuition scholarship through the Western Association of Food Chains (WAFC). Individuals selected must have a proven record of management accomplishments and significant potential for future advancement.

Preparing Food Industry Leaders

Selected participants come from an array of food industry retailing, wholesaling, manufacturing and supplier companies. They come from all departments including corporate office, warehouses, operations, sales, marketing, finance, and HR. They hold various roles including department or area managers, store directors, district managers, directors and VP’s.

The FIM curriculum integrates the functional areas of business with cutting-edge theory and practical application to help students understand how all of the areas of an organization work together. Students take courses in Leadership, Strategy, Marketing, Communications, and Financial Accounting. They develop strong leadership and management competencies, enhanced business acumen, and critical thinking skills. Students are transformed into thought-leaders with the confidence they need to address current business issues, challenge their organizations, and identify future opportunities.