FIM 2016 Student Testimonials

“You're gonna be challenged in many ways that you will not experience at your normal job. And how many opportunities do you get to step away from your company and really work on your personal skills that will help you in the future?”

James Wells, FIM 2016 Unit Sales Manager, Pepsi Beverages Company

“It's stretching us beyond where any of us have gone before. There's so many projects that use our strengths as well as allow us to build on strengths that we hadn't had before.”

Michael Doss, FIM 2016 Division Recruiting Coordinator, King Soopers

“This program has been a really special and unique experience, really because of the opportunity to be attending it with people that are in your industry, but on both the retailer and CPG side.”

Trevor Latham, FIM 2016 Key Account Manager, Nestle USA

“I am a little older than most of the students in the program and I've had very little time to reflect on myself. It's been an amazing journey to get to know myself and to see that there are many more strengths that I am working on to improve and to be a greater leader when I return to my company.”

Tammy Ciraulo, FIM 2016 Director, Insurance Administration, Stater Bros. Markets

“I think the fact that the group is very diverse makes it something very special. You learn to compromise and you learn to take each others' ideas, you learn to complement each others' strengths and weaknesses, which I think has been a very valuable lesson for me.”

Jose Huerta, FIM 2016 Vice President Operations, Big Saver Foods

“A lot of times if you take a leadership class it's a very short class. You have some things that you take away from it. But this allows you to practice it over 16 weeks and really be able to hone your skills.”

Jeanne Goodrich, FIM 2016 Pharmacy Coordinator, Smith's Food and Drug