2017 Capstone Presentations

Each year the FIM class present their capstone projects to a large audience food industry executives, scholarship donors and faculty. The capstone project is an opportunity for students to apply their new skills mastered over the 16 week program and strategically tackle a real world issue facing the food industry of today. See the 2017 FIM capstone group presentations are below.

Team Innovation Nation

Introduces the next disruptive technology in shopping from home.


Team Human Flywheel

Discusses several new solutions for the successful engagement and retention of both current and future employees.


Team Digital Evolution

Introduces a competitive in-store shopping experience that entices, not only your senses, but your digital curiosities as well.


Team FoodTure

Discusses an opportunity to address the very serious issue of food scarcity, how we can close the gap between current levels of food production, and what we’ll need to sustain the world in the future.


Team Big Data: Out of Excuses to Get In Stock

Introduces a new breakthrough modernization using Big Data to solve an age-old problem – out of stocks.