2015 Capstone Presentations

Each year the FIM class present their capstone projects to food industry executives, scholarship donors and faculty. The capstone project is an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned over the 16 week program and strategically tackle a real world issue facing the food industry of today. Previews for the 2015 FIM class of capstone group presentations are below.


Team 360

Team 360 explains how a circular economic business model can marry sustainability with company growth and profits.


Team Consumer Meritage

With consumer demographics changing, Team Consumer Meritage presents a new method to segment and target consumers.


Team Digital Impact

Team Digital Impact considers the implications of "smart" technology in the home and kitchen, and how the food industry can adapt.


Team Smart Store

Team Smart Store plans to create a more appealing retail environment using the "Smart Shelf" and the "Smart Gate." 


Team Future of Food

Team Future of Food identified three emerging food trends, and offers ways for the food industry to incorporate them.


Team Divergent Distribution

To combat problems in the food industry's supply chain, Team Divergent Distribution researched the best alternative transportation options.