About the WAFC

About the WAFC

The Western Association of Food Chains (WAFC) is a non-profit organization comprised of senior executives from major food retail and wholesale companies in 14 western states, whose mission is to provide advanced education for food industry employees. Founded by Los Angeles area retailers in 1921, WAFC has partnered with the University of Southern California on the Food Industry Management (FIM) Program since 1958.

Through the generous donations of companies and individuals, WAFC was established and has provided a world class educational program with scholarships for the food industry's future leaders. The partnership between WAFC and USC has produced some of the top executives in the industry including: Karl Schroeder, Sue Klug, and Kevin Davis, CEO, Bristol Farms.

A Tradition of Excellence

The FIM program was designed exclusively for high-potential employees from food retailing, wholesaling, and manufacturing companies with positions in operations, sales, marketing, corporate headquarters, warehousing, distribution and manufacturing.