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The Leventhal School of Accounting is committed to providing our Masters students with opportunities to interact with accounting professionals and to explore employment options. The Career Advisors for the Masters programs, help each student explore job prospects and develop job search strategies through one-on-one meetings, workshops and events. A full range of services are provided to each graduate student.

Class of 2020 Employment Report

Domestic Students - 97%
International Students - 60%


Cathy Cowan – Cathy joined the MAcc/MBT career team in 1998 and continues to develop workshops and new strategies to help students find full-time jobs.

Jennifer Chan – Jen maintains current employer relationships and helps cultivate new ones with a focus on career opportunities for international students. She advises students on various program related matters. Previously, she was a Program Coordinator in the Marshall Undergraduate Program. She earned a B.S. in Business Administration at the University of California, Riverside. In her free time, Jen enjoys reading, running, traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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