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Business Administration

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What made you choose to attend USC Marshall?
I chose to attend USC Marshall because I wanted to attend a university that prepares students for several fields within business: finance, consulting, and entrepreneurship. Through connecting undergraduate students with professionals at Trojan Talks or hosting dinners for students to speak with renown professors, USC Marshall gives students valuable career insight. As a freshmen, I was extremely fortunate to be in the Global Leadership Program and to hear from a CEO or business executive every Friday morning. Experiences like this are unparalleled at other universities. Furthermore, USC Marshall's entrepreneurship program is phenomenal for students, like myself, who may want to create a business of their own. Ranked highly in the nation for startup ventures, USC Marshall truly allows students to be successful in following traditional business career paths and innovating their own projects. Lastly, the students who make up the Marshall undergraduate community are extremely motivated to become the next generation of business leaders, and I knew that I could not pass up the opportunity to surround myself with these ambitious and like-minded Trojans.

Advice you wish you had known while applying to college:
While applying to college, I wish I had known that college is a match to be made and not a price to be won. Visiting schools on the east coast made me realize my deep appreciation for Southern California, which I developed as I lived here for the past 20 years. I encourage all high school seniors to visit as many schools as possible before applying and especially committing to attend a university because one visit to your "dream" school can change your perceptions of the school entirely.

USC activities/general hobbies:
USC Activities: Marshall Student Ambassador, Moneythink USC - President, Trojan Consulting Group, Trojan Investing Society - Co-Director of Leaders Program, Teaching Assistant; General Hobbies: Playing basketball, Going to concerts, Exploring LA's food scene

Why do you love Los Angeles?
I love Los Angeles because there is always something to do. Whether it is hiking at the Griffith Observatory to see the Hollywood sign or watching a Laker game, now with the King on the court, there are countless activities for everyone. The numerous amount of famous restaurants, tourist attractions, and hidden treasures make Los Angeles a one-of-a-kind place with a never-ending to-do list.

What global experiences have you had in college?
During my freshmen year, I had the opportunity to be involved with the Global Leadership Program, in which I travelled to Shanghai and Beijing over spring break to professionally engage with international business leaders. Not only was I able to learn several valuable lessons and skills from these professionals, but also I was able to spend my spring break abroad with my friends, an experience I will forever cherish.

What internship/employment opportunities have you taken advantage of at Marshall?
I have thoroughly enjoyed two summer internship experiences at Plaza Bank as a Project Management Intern in my hometown and at PwC as a Technology Consulting Intern in San Francisco. USC's on-campus recruitment structure was one of the primary factors that allowed me access to these opportunities, and from both of my experiences, I gained a solid understanding of the financial services, healthcare, and consulting industry that definitively guided my professional endeavors and interests. Specifically within Marshall, I was given the opportunity to become a Teaching Assistant for Financial Analysis and Valuation (FBE 421) after completing the course and building a relationship with the professor.

Favorite USC Marshall class:
Financial Analysis and Valuation


Matthew Lee

Class of:
Business Administration