Kyle Kosnoff

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World Bachelor in Business

Areas of Interest at USC and Marshall
International Business
Social Impact

What made you choose to attend USC Marshall?
I chose to attend USC Marshall based on two main criteria: international opportunities and the Trojan Family. From the time I first learned of its existence, the World Bachelor in Business program became my dream program - I had traveled a lot growing up, and knew that international opportunities and cultural immersion were important factors in my university selection. Beyond the WBB program, all USC Marshall freshman are invited to take part in the LINC, which provides them the opportunity to travel to a major international city for a week to expose them to the local industries and working culture.

Having access to the Trojan Family was particularly important to me as I didn't have a clear picture as to what career path I wanted to work in after graduating university. Having a deep alumni network that is always happy to meet up and give advice has been a major help in focusing my interests towards strategy and consulting roles.

Advice you wish you had known while applying to college:
Don't be afraid to reach out to current students/tour guides/ambassadors.

I thought they were just propaganda machines, but we're genuinely interested in helping you decide whether or not USC is the best fit for your interests. If you have any questions at all, whether it's about career opportunities, student life, or even dining halls, feel free to reach out.

USC activities/general hobbies:
I've been abroad for the past two years with the World Bachelor in Business program, but I've gotten deeply involved at all three of the program's partner universities. In addition to serving as a WBB ambassador in all three universities, I've listed some additional involvements below.

In Hong Kong, I founded a social finance program for undergraduate students and helped lead the first two years of engagements with NGOs across the APAC region.

In Milan, I leveraged my role as WBB ambassador to work with faculty committees and help pitch the World Bachelor in Business program to interested individuals from four continents.

Now that I'm back at USC, I'm serving as an external adviser to one of the International Consulting Club's current engagements.

In my free time, I enjoy pop-punk music, watching football, and following competitive League of Legends.

Why do you love Los Angeles?
While I traveled a lot growing up, I've always considered LA to be one of my "home bases" - I lived in Redondo Beach for all of high school, and was also in the area for 4-5th grade. The energy here is great, and I love the beach.

What global experiences have you had in college?
As a member of the World Bachelor in Business program, I've been privileged to
1. Attend school in Hong Kong for a year
2. Attend school in Italy for a year
3. Work in a new country every year (USA, Brazil, Hong Kong, Milan, United Arab Emirates)

I've also had a good opportunity to travel as part of the program - if you want advice on whether or not to travel to London for a concert or what to do if you end up homeless in Korea for a week, I'm your guy

What internship/employment opportunities have you taken advantage of at Marshall?
While Marshall offers a multitude of opportunities for students on campus, I pursued more international endeavors. Most of these experiences have focused on consulting and social impact, though I've tried to expose myself to as many facets of the business world as possible.

In freshman year, I helped revive the on-campus World Bachelor in Business society and participated in their inaugural consulting project with a local restaurant. I also worked with an NGO in Rio de Janeiro, where I revamped their educational curriculum to prepare underprivileged youth for a career within the business world.

As a sophomore in Hong Kong, I was involved in a variety of part time tasks in addition to being a student. Not only was I interning in Mattel's Asia-Pacific headquarters as an Automation Trainee, but I also led a social finance engagement for an NGO in Tibet and worked with a team of WBB partners to provide marketing solutions to Microsoft.

During my third year in Italy, I helped launch the inaugural chapter of Global Brigades, allowing Milanese students to gain consulting experience advising local entrepreneurs in Ghana. That summer I consulted for Oliver Wyman in their Dubai office.

This year I'm working with Marshall's International Consulting Club as an external advisor on one of their current engagements.

Favorite USC Marshall class:
MOR 479: The Business of Sports, taught by David Carter


Kyle Kosnoff

Class of:
World Bachelor in Business