Jue Wang

Ph.D. student in Management and Organization

Ph.D. in Management and Organization
University of Southern California, Marshall Business School
July 2014 - Degree expected, June 2019
B.S. in Economics and Mathematics
Renmin University of China

Jue (Kate) Wang is a PHD student in Management and Organization at the Marshall Business School of Southern California. Her research interests are Entrepreneurship, Social Movements and Organizational Theory. There are three streams of her research: a) How large and small scale crises in the focal or adjacent fields influence entrepreneurs' strategies and performances? b) Mechanisms of collective actions in online and offline communities. c) How religion organizations respond to commercial organizations?

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Qingyuan Yue, Jue Wang, Botao Yang () "Contesting Commercialization: Political Influence, Responsive Authoritarianism, and Cultural Resistance ,"  Administrative Science Quarterly.
Qingyuan Yue, Jue Wang, Hayagreeva Rao () "Disruptions at the Nexus between Corporation and Community: How Accidents and Attacks Affect Market Entry into the Commercial Drone Service Industry ,"  Working Paper.
Jue Wang () "Entrepreneurship, Social Movements, Technology, Religion ,".