Ju Rie (Alyssa) Han

Ph.D. Candidate in Management and Organization
Alyssa Jurie Han is a Ph.D. student in the department of Management and Organization at the Marshall School of Business. She received her B.A. in cognitive science and psychology from the University of Virginia. Alyssa primarily studies interpersonal perception and the consequences of actor-observer asymmetries, as well as the role of perspective-taking in the management of such asymmetries. Her second stream of research involves extending research on person perception to the examination of how individuals perceive organizations.
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Peter Kim, Ju Rie (Alyssa) Han, Alexandra Mislin, Ece Tuncel () "The Retrospective Imputation of Nefarious Intent ,"  Academy of Management Proceedings  2019.
Scott Wiltermuth, Ju Rie (Alyssa) Han () "How Next-Generation Teams and Teaming May Affect the Ethics of Working in Teams. ,"  Next Generation Ethics  Cambridge University Press, 12.