Jolanta Aritz

Professor of Clinical Business Communication
Room / Office

PhD, University of Southern California; MA, University of Illinois - Chicago; BA, Vilnius University

Jolanta Aritz specializes in intercultural business communication, small-group decision-making, and leadership communication. Professor Aritz is co-author (with Robyn Walker) of the book Leadership Talk: A Discourse Approach to Leader Emergence and co-editor of the Discourse Perspectives on Organizational Communication book which received the 2012 Distinguished Publication on Business Communication award from the Association of Business Communication. She received awards from the USC Fund for Innovative Undergraduate Teaching (2008), the USC Mellon Mentoring Grant (2006), the USC Advancing Scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences Initiative (2007), CIBER International Research Fund (2010), and the C.R. Anderson Research Foundation for Innovative Research in Business Communication (2011). Professor Aritz is a former Fulbright scholar and serves on the USC Advisory Committee on National and International Graduate Fellowships.
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