Jack Strauss

Class of
Business Administration

Areas of Interest at USC and Marshall
1. International Experience
2. Strategy Consulting
3. Mandarin Language Immersion
4. USC Football
5. Student Orgs/Mentorship

What made you choose to attend USC Marshall?
The most important factor in my decision was the enormous opportunity for global experiences at USC. As a high school senior, I was eager to spend time living and studying abroad, and Marshall's flexible curriculum and enormous network enabled and encouraged just that. In addition, a balanced college experience was extremely important to me. I wanted a school where I could grow and focus as a student in the academic setting, but also find a healthy balance of athletic, extracurricular, and social outlets, and USC offered the perfect environment to do just that.

Advice you wish you had known while applying to college:
Enjoy it! It's a stressful process, no doubt. But it can - and should - be fun. The application process is the culmination of years of hard work, and it's easy to get caught up in the stress of "Where will I get in?". But at the end of the day, the more you enjoy it, the better you'll be able to picture yourself at the schools you visit, and the more fun it'll be.

USC activities/general hobbies:
Trojan Consulting Group (TCG), Marshall Student Ambassadors (MSA), Study Abroad, Greek Life, Intramural Sports, Golfing, Warriors Basketball

Why do you love Los Angeles?
LA is an ideal place to go to college, and an incredible place to live in general. Aside from the great weather, there's always something going on here. From professional sports to the unbelievable music scene to world-class beaches and state parks, it's pretty hard to get bored in LA. Situated just a stone's throw from LA hotspots like the Staples Center and Santa Monica beach, USC is in a prime location to take advantage of all that the city has to offer.

What global experiences have you had in college?
International experience has been a cornerstone of my time at USC. During my Freshman year, I traveled to Shanghai and Beijing during my Spring break with the GLP cohort, and then spent my summer interning at a technology company in Taiwan. As a Sophomore, I participated in a Maymester during which I traveled with a cohort of USC students throughout Ireland studying language revitalization. Most recently, I spent the Spring semester of my Junior year abroad in Shanghai, China where I enrolled in Mandarin immersion courses and had the opportunity to travel extensively within the country. In total, I've visited 19 countries and spent 11 months abroad since starting at USC!

What internship/employment opportunities have you taken advantage of at Marshall?
The resources at Marshall have provided me the opportunity to explore a handful of different industries during my undergrad career. The summer after my Freshman year, I worked in technology at Acer Computers in Taipei, Taiwan. The following summer, I explored an interest in Aerospace with an internship at Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach, CA. Most recently, I interned as an Associate Consultant at Bain & Company in Century City, where I'll be returning full-time after graduation.  

Favorite USC Marshall class:
The Management of New Enterprises


Jack Strauss

Class of:
Business Administration