Hailong Cui

Ph.D. candidate in Data Sciences and Operations

MS, Arizona State University; BS, POSTECH

Hailong Cui works at the interface of operations management and data analytics. His research focuses on data-driven prediction, inference, and decision-making with applications to service, retail and sustainable operations. He draws methods from statistical machine learning, econometrics, game theory, and optimization in his research. He is a recipient of the USC Provost’s Ph.D. Fellowship, and prior to his Ph.D. study, he served as a fraud risk manager with American Express, and a credit risk analyst with HSBC.

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Cui, Hailong.,Sosic, Greys. () "Recycling Common Materials: Effectiveness, Optimal Decisions, and Coordination Mechanisms".
Gopalakrishnan, Sanjith.,Daniel, Granot.,Frieda, Granot.,Sosic, Greys.,Cui, Hailong. () "Incentives and Emission Responsibility Allocation in Supply Chains".
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