Gil Appel

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Room / Office

PhD, Ben-Gurion University; MBA, Tel-Aviv University

Gil Appel joined the USC Marshall Marketing Department in 2016. His research focuses on the emerging digital world and in particular understanding growth and retention dynamics in digital markets as well as uncovering consumer behavior from digital data, turning "big data" into smart information. He collaborates with a range of firms from eBay to app developers, gaming companies, and others, to show how digital goods may grow fundamentally differently than classic physical products and to highlight the need to re-examine the fundamentals of new product marketing in the new consumer environment. He teaches Internet Marketing in the Marshall undergraduate program.
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Gil Appel, Barak Libai, Eitan Muller, Ron Shachar () "On the Monetization of Mobile Apps ,"  International Journal of Research in Marketing  In Press.
Priyanka Joshi, Cheryl Wakslak, Gil Appel, Laura Huang () "Gender Differences in Communicative Abstraction ,"  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
Gil Appel, Lauren Grewal, Rhonda Hadi, Andrew Stephen () "The Future of Social Media in Marketing ,"  Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science.
Yaniv Shani, Gil Appel, Ron Shachar, Shai Danziger () "When and Why Consumers “Accidently” Endanger Their Products ,"  Management Science.
Gil Appel, Barak Libai, Eitan Muller () "On the Monetary Impact of Fashion Design Piracy ,"  International Journal of Research in Marketing  35, 591-610.