Carolin Fleischmann

Assistant Professor of Business Communication
Room / Office

PhD, MA University of Bamberg; BA, EM Strasbourg

Carolin Fleischmann specializes in research topics at the intersection of technology, international management, and business communication. She is particularly interested in how firms support their internationalization processes by digital media communication and how multicultural virtual teams communicate using advanced digital communication platforms. For her work with the VBP project, she received the Evan C. Thompson Teaching and Learning Innovation Award. Her professional experiences include consulting projects on international business and intercultural communication. Currently, she mostly works with startups on preparing for pitches and planning for internationalization.
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Carolin Fleischmann, Peter Cardon, Jolanta Aritz () "Smart collaboration in global virtual teams: the influence of culture on technology acceptance and communication effectiveness ,"  53rd Hawaii International Conference on System Science.
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