Bar Yakir

Class of
Business Administration

Areas of Interest at USC and Marshall
Marketing & Sales, Entrepreneurship, Networking, Intramural Sports, Transfer Resources

What made you choose to attend USC Marshall?
Coming out of high school, I had no idea where I wanted to go or even what I wanted to study. I thought the social sciences would be the best route for me as my mom insisted for me to be a lawyer (and still very much does). After taking my first business course at Santa Monica College, I realized that my passion is to start a company and be able to market its product for the whole world to see and, eventually, use. Fast forward two years, the best possible way to accomplish my goal was to transfer to USC Marshall and achieve my undergrad degree in Business Administration.

Advice you wish you had known while applying to college:
When filling out my application the first time around, I wish someone would have told me to just be myself, express myself in a way that I felt was unique to me, and that made myself stand out above all others. So, in the personal statement portion, write whatever you feel deep down, whatever makes you who you are. Not the cliche and overused story that is used over and over again, but rather the one that makes you unique and makes you feel that you belong at USC.

USC activities/general hobbies:
USC activities: MSA Remote Outreach Manager, TSP Transfer Ambassador, TEN Marketing & Recruiting Director, CAP Program, Basketball (Intramural)

Why do you love Los Angeles?
For starters, LA is located on the best coast (#WestCoast) and receives the most amazing weather year-round. My favorite thing about this city is the mix between nature and city life. I can drive about 40 minutes and be able to camp at some beach in Malibu during the day and come back to watch a concert in Hollywood come nightfall.

What global experiences have you had in college?

What internship/employment opportunities have you taken advantage of at Marshall?
Marshall allows for tremendous opportunities to network with employers and recruiters year-round. The event that I felt was most beneficial would have to be the Marshall Recruiter Reception. Through the MRR, I was able to land two interviews for the Fall semester and am on the path to receive full-time offers from both companies for post-graduation.

Favorite USC Marshall class:
BUAD 307: Marketing Fundamentals


Bar Yakir

Class of:
Business Administration