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Bala Subramanian

  • Adjunct Professor of Data Sciences and Operations

Bala Subramanian’s teaching approach is informed by 25+ years of developing winning strategies by applying analytics steeped in customer understanding. He is President of NuEdge Consulting in Santa Monica, CA providing strategy advice to varied retail, travel, service, non-profit organizations … Fortune 100 to startup. Previously, he was VP of Customer Analytics at Wal-mart from 2011-2014 optimizing Membership/Merchandising/Marketing strategy to grow $60 billion club business. From 1999-2010, he was SVP of Global Distribution Services evolving several industry dominating brands for Hilton hotels, and building sustained marketing leverage through the digital transformation of customer conversations. Bala has an MBA from University of Minnesota, and BTech from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur.

Bala Subramanian


Data Sciences + Operations