Alanis Yu


Program: MAcc

Institution: Cornell University

Hi, I am Alanis Yu, from Macc program of 2019. I am originally from Shanghai, China. I took high school in a small town in Pennsylvania and got my undergraduate degree from Cornell University. I double majored food science and environmental science with a business minor. I switched to an accounting path because de-coding accounting is the best way to understand the business process and operation and I really enjoy face-to-face communication and make long term connection with clients. The reasons brought me to USC’s Macc program is its people. Professors are really knowledgeable on the latest regulation and industry practices. Most of them have tremendous amount of industry expertise and tailor their courses to be more hand-on in order to prepare for our future career. Administration and career advisors are also extremely helpful in structuring the recruiting calendar and providing recruiting workshops. Most importantly, all my colleagues are friendly and professional. We have a great time discuss group projects together and go over recruiting process together. Last, I also went through the summer intensive program to get a solid accounting foundation. If you have any questions or concern over transitioning major or the program itself, please feel free to reach out to me.


Alanis Yu