Shon Hiatt

Assistant Professor of Management and Organization
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MS, PhD, Cornell University; BA, MPA, Brigham Young University

Shon Hiatt is an assistant professor of business administration at USC Marshall School of Business and faculty affiliate of the Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies. An expert in the agribusiness and energy sectors, he explores issues related to entrepreneurship, strategy, and business sustainability in domestic and international contexts. Professor Hiatt’s research has been published in scholarly journals and featured in media outlets.

He is the recipient of numerous scholarly and teaching honors, including the 2015 Kauffman Junior Faculty Fellowship in Entrepreneurship Research, the 2016 Academy of Management ONE Emerging Scholar Award, the 2018 Golden Apple MBA Teaching Award, and the 2018 ARCS Emerging Sustainability Scholar Award. Prior to joining USC, Professor Hiatt was on the faculty at Harvard Business School.

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Shon Hiatt () "An analysis of the green paradox and firm strategic reactions to regulatory risk: U.S. oil and gas firms ,".
Shon Hiatt () "Avoiding the crossfire: Political pluralism, institutional complexity, and firm entry in the Mexican maquiladora sector ,"  Under review.
Shon Hiatt () "Bringing in the administrative state to nonmarket strategy: a theoretical framework. ,".
Shon Hiatt () "Chief sustainability officer announcements and paradox theory ,".
Shon Hiatt () "Influencing the administrative state: Exploring the role of geography in U.S. government contracting ,".
Shon Hiatt () "Market intermediaries and entrepreneurship in the nascent global carbon offset market ,".