Gregory Autry

Assistant Professor of Clinical Entrepreneurship On leave for the spring 2017 semester

Greg Autry researches the role of government in shaping the environment in which new industries and organizations emerge. His research context is the New Space business, where startup firms are commercializing space launch, spacecraft, and related services. Dr. Autry has been a serial entrepreneur in video games, computer services, Internet content, enterprise applications, health care IT and material upcycling. He publishes in business and aerospace journals as well as the popular press. He serves on the editorial board of the New Space Journal. He has a passion for restoring American manufacturing jobs and serves on the board of the Coalition for a Prosperous America and the American Jobs Alliance. Prior to joining the Greif Center, Dr. Autry taught entrepreneurship, strategy and economics at UC Irvine.

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Autry, G. () "Mojave Space Port: Entrepreneurship in the Public Sector", Greif Case Study Initiative / HBSP.
Autry, G. and Huang, L. () "XCOR: New Space, New Place?", Greif Case Study Initiative / HBSP.
Autry, G., Dann, J., Kim, E. and Siward, J. () "RelishMIX: Building Social Media Management Tools for Hollywood", Greif Case Study Iniative / the Case Center.
Autry, G. and Davidian, K. () "Overview of U.S. National Competitive Advantage in Human Orbital Spaceflight", American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics,
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