Inga Maslova

Assistant Professor of Clinical Data Sciences and Operations
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Inga Maslova is an applied statistician specializing in time series analysis, wavelet techniques, machine learning, functional data analysis, big data, and applications to finance, business analytics, economics, hydrology, remote sensing, precision agriculture, and climate change problems. She has taught and developed courses in statistical learning, business statistics, data analytics and visualization. To her classroom she brings her own experience from working with the World Bank on business cycle synchronization; analyzing drone data to help farmers make better crop management decisions; using statistical learning models to forecast commodity prices. She received her BS in Mathematical Statistics from Vilnius University, Lithuania; MS and PhD in Statistics from Utah State University.

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Ticlavilca, A..,Maslova, Inga.,McKee, M.. () "A multi-resolution cross-correlation analysis connecting Pacific Ocean climate variability and seasonal streamflow in Utah".
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